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The United Nations General Assembly's First Committee is the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). This committee is concerned with disarmament, demilitarisation, and challenges to international security, and it strives to build peace and promote communication among its member states. It evaluates all disarmament and international security issues falling under the purview of the Charter or relevant to the authorities and activities of any other United Nations entity. Despite the fact that its authority is restricted to recommendations, it has proven to be one of the most important committees in the United Nations, since its resolutions deal with some of the most complicated issues in the worldwide community.DISEC will examine the delegates' understanding of their country's policies. Furthermore, it will instil in them the ability to compromise and reach an agreement, providing an illuminating experience.

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Deliberating the efficacy of Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) programs in the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations and recommending Reforms to enhance their effectiveness.

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Eswar Chava 


Eswar Chava is currently working as a Product Manager at a startup based out of Pune. Hailing from CBIT, his journey with MUNs had begun a while back, and his passion for debates had driven him to pursue them. He has always taken a keen interest in international law, foreign policies and thoroughly enjoys a good debate. Apart from MUNning, his interests range from playing basketball to spending countless hours gaming. He is honored to serve as a part of the Executive Board and is looking forward to seeing you all! 

Srikar is a Grade 11 student at Delhi Public School, Hyderabad. He wholeheartedly believes that simply attending numerous MUN conferences is not nearly as important as what you learn from them. Despite being quite new to the Hyderabad circuit, he has found the debate in MUN conferences to be quite intriguing and sometimes even exciting. He wishes all the delegates the best of luck in their research and hopes to see well-researched and fruitful debate at the conference.

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D. Sai Srikar


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