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A Joint Crisis Committee usually comprises two groups of delegates/representatives in separate rooms, debating on the same crisis. The crisis is presented to the delegates, who can react to it in the form of directives, short one-clause resolutions. These directives influence the outplay of the scenario. Some of the crises which can be presented are wars in the past such as the Crimean War or hypothetical wars in which there will be a problem to solve.

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Tensions at the Russia-Ukraine Border

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M. R. Vishwavasu Aprameya


M. R. Vishwavasu Aprameya is a student pursuing a master'sin English. He has been doing MUNs for about 5 years nowand has participated in over 35 offline conferences across South India, majorly in Hyderabad, Bengaluru,and Chennai.

He advocates so hard for libre software and its usage that many assume he's a lost son of Richard Stallman. He can neither confirm nor deny whether he's currently employed by RAW, ISI, Mossad, FSB, GCHQ, or CIA

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Mahathi Penmetsa


Mahathi Penmetsa is a vigilant 17-year-old, pursuing - English, Economics, and Business Management in IBDP at The Gaudium School, aspiring to be a corporate lawyer in the future. Her bold, strong, and striking personality leaves an impression on everyone she meets. A sports enthusiast at heart but if you ask her what she loves most, it would be Formula 1. She is honored to serve as a part of the Executive Board and is looking forward to seeing you all!

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