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A Joint Crisis Committee usually comprises two groups of delegates/representatives in separate rooms, debating on the same crisis. The crisis is presented to the delegates, who can react to it in the form of directives, short one-clause resolutions. These directives influence the outplay of the scenario. Some of the crises which can be presented are wars in the past such as the Crimean War or hypothetical wars in which there will be a problem to solve.

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Korean War -
Freeze Date : 20th August 1950 

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M. R. Vishwavasu Aprameya
Chair of Communist Cabinet

Aprameya is a student pursuing a master’s in English. He has participated in over 50 MUNs over the past 5 years across the three major circuits of South India - Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. He is so staunch an advocate for libre software that many assume he is a lost son of Richard Stallman. On the question of whether he is currently employed by RAW, ISI, Mossad, CIA, GCHQ, or FSB, his response is of neither confirmation nor denial.

Akash Koti is currently pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical at Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Gandipet. He’s currently a proud member of the CBITMUN Secretariat. Facing difficulties in communication and lacking soft skills all his childhood, Akash overcame these problems and credits a huge part of it to MUNs. He’s a person who finds humour even in the worst of situations and believes that any problem, major or minor, can be solved with a common consensus. 
He looks forward for a quality debate and wishes all delegates the best of luck!

Akash Koti

Chair of Western Cabinet

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