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The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is a global organization that works to combat illicit drugs, organized crime, and corruption. It promotes international cooperation to address these issues through research, capacity-building, and technical assistance. UNODC supports countries in developing effective policies and programs, strengthening criminal justice systems, and promoting drug prevention and health initiatives. It plays a crucial role in promoting peace, security, and sustainable development by fostering global partnerships and providing expertise to tackle the challenges posed by drugs, crime, and corruption.



Discussing cross-border crimes, with special emphasis on cooperation amongst member states' law enforcement.

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Akshit started MUNs back in 2018, specialising in humanitarian committees and his growing passion for it did not let even the pandemic stop him from pursuing his passion for MUNs. Now he is here in the circuit, aiming to create ripples. He claims that the fair share of opportunities MUNs provide has changed him tremendously as a person, as he quotes, "It gives you a gem of an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime".

He has the ability to create dark humour out of almost every situation and on the flip side, is a huge fan of music. If not researching for an MUN, you will find him creating memes and vibing to A R Rahman.
He is confident that all the delegates have a fantastic conference at Epistemo MUN 2023 and wishes everyone all the best.

Akshit Varma


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Madhavi Sanskriti, a Grade 12 Humanities student at The Premia Academy, is a talented and accomplished individual who has excelled in various domains. With over 12 years of experience as a trained Carnatic classical vocalist, she has delighted audiences with more than 100 shows across Hyderabad. Additionally, she is a certified content writer and an abacus master, with published articles in newspapers. Amidst all this, Madhavi has her own youth run media organisation Unplugged and Unfiltered (@unplugged.unfiltered ) where she trains and mentors young minds like her who are interested to pursue a career in Media. At school, Madhavi has previously served as the School Pupil Leader and has been nominated as the first ever MUN Committee Secretary of the Premia Academy. As an experienced MUNer, Madhavi has consistently proven herself. Over the span of 2 years, she has participated in approximately 15 MUNs, earning awards at both the school and college levels. She has also served as an Executive Board Member and actively mentored delegates while contributing to the establishment of the MUN delegation at Premia Academy. She has also served as the Secretary General for the maiden PremiaMUN conference recently. She can’t wait to see what’s in store for her at EMUN 4.0!

Madhavi Sanskriti


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