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The United Nations Human Rights Council of 47 states is responsible for the promotion and preservation of all human rights worldwide. This group, which was formed in 2006, can discuss any thematic human rights concerns and circumstances that arise during the year. It has its meetings in the United Nations Office in Geneva. The Council also collaborates with the UN Special Procedures created by the old Human Rights Commission. The UNHRC will push delegates to have a better awareness of existing human rights breaches and to propose appropriate remedies. This committee will provide the delegates with a fresh and more realistic viewpoint.

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Combating Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance

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Introducing the Chairperson for UNHRC , 

Sashreek Reddy is a seasoned MUNer and a passionate debater, is Currently taking maths, physics, and chemistry at advanced level . Sashreek is a voracious reader and a remarkable orator who has been a proactive member of the MUN circuit for over half a decade now and has been closely affiliated with conferences in various capacities: a delegate, an EB member, and an organizer; having won prestigious accolades in all of them.When not raising his 5th right to reply for the day and annoying delegates with hundreds of questions  ,you’ll find him making content on YT , playing every sport possible , making sketches or taking part in some NGO.Feel free to reach out to him if you want any recommendations for food in Hyderabad! And regarding the Mun of course…

P Sashreek Reddy


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Vaijayanthi is currently in 11th grade, diligently preparing for competitive exams like JEE and Advance. As the vice-chair of UNHRC, HRC holds a special place in her heart, both as a delegate and a board member. Her MUN journey began in 10th grade, and since then, she has been captivated by the experience.

When she's not immersed in MUN activities, you'll find Vaijayanthi dancing, listening to music, or engrossed in educational documentaries. Her friendly natured and sociable personality make her approachable, earning her the title of a social butterfly. However, deep down, she considers herself a carefree and "lalalala" kind of person.

Vaijayanthi's ultimate goal is to venture into the business sector and establish her own company. She envisions pursuing a double degree, combining an MBA with a master's in engineering, after completing college. Being part of the executive board and contributing to the success of EMUN 4.0 fills her with honour and excitement, as she strives to create the most enjoyable and impactful MUN experience ever.

Vaijayanthi Reddy


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