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The United Nations Human Rights Council of 47 states is responsible for the promotion and preservation of all human rights worldwide. This group, which was formed in 2006, can discuss any thematic human rights concerns and circumstances that arise during the year. It has its meetings in the United Nations Office in Geneva. The Council also collaborates with the UN Special Procedures created by the old Human Rights Commission. The UNHRC will push delegates to have a better awareness of existing human rights breaches and to propose appropriate remedies. This committee will provide the delegates with a fresh and more realistic viewpoint.

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Discussing the situation in Afghanistan and Iran with emphasis on the rights of minorities!

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Sivarama Skanda


Sivarama Skanda is your UNHRC Chair from Hyderabad. He is pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration. With an experience of around 7 years in Model United Nations.

Skanda has achieved the milestone of being the youngest member to enter and represent the State of Telangana at the Central Hall of Parliament, New Delhi. He is an avid Speaker who has shown keen interest in adding to his knowledge about International and National politics.
He believes good research and proper learning along with critical thinking helps one get knowledge not only in aspects of MUNs but also in everyday life as well. As a part of his favorite committee, Skanda wears a warm smile waiting to meet everybody at EMUN.

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Mihir Eshan PS


Specialising in humanitarian committees, Mihir is one of the most sensational new additions to the Hyderabad MUN circuit. They are a 11th grader with many talents and are very passionate about all things relating to human rights and hence also aspire to pursue the field of psychology. When not raising their 5th right to reply for the day ,you’ll find them singing, reading or binge watching 2gether The Series.

Mihir is very excited to serve as the Vice Chairperson of the United Nations Human Rights Council! 

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