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International Press Institute is a global organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of press freedom and the improvement of journalism practices. The motive of the press is to interview the delegates and write articles about what has happened in the conference. They will be the people who will project the main points of the conference and the decisions of the country to the people.

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Mahveen Fatima


Mahveen Fatima has been participating in MUNs passionately ever since she got introduced to them. With an experience of over 20+ International MUNs and connecting with over 10,000 delegates from across the globe, she is known to be a fiery debater that has staunchly competed with delegates even twice her age. Apart from championing the 'Best Delegate' title, she has many accolades to her name as she leaves no stone unturned to sharpen her skills. Aside MUNs, she is a State Level player of multiple sports, a committed philanthropist and a personal photographer of her pet cat, Leo.

Being the Representative for Model UN conferences in her college and having chaired esteemed MUNs like that of Woxsen University and Rockwell International, she looks forward to Head the International Press and facilitate an exhilarating Press Conference at the end of it!

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